👏👏👏 One of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria, located only 13 km from Balchik, has found a smart solution to the problem of cigarette butts in the sand. Statistics show that every third cigarette is discarded not in the trash can, but on the street or on the beach, and during or after the end of the season many concessionaires and eco-organizations make actions to clean the beaches in the country.

From today on the beach “Kranevo North”, known as “Terma Village”, plastic cones have been placed, which smokers can use during their stay on the beach. Guests take the capped cone and stick it in the sand. They shake their ashes in it when they smoke, and when they leave the beach they throw the trash in the basket and return the cone to the wooden stand for the next visitors to use.

This year the beach of the holiday complex “Terma Village” for the first time is also the winner of the prestigious “Blue Flag”, which certifies the cleanest beaches in the world. It proudly flies the flags of Bulgaria, the EU, the hotel company and the Blue Flag organisation. The sand on the beach is clean and fine as silk and the sea is shallow. 

Guests have the opportunity to order cold or hot drinks under the umbrella while relaxing on the beach. For tourists there are signs with information about the beach and for people with disabilities there are paths to the sea. The view of the beach attracts tourists and residents from nearby settlements, and even beach owners in Greece and Turkey would envy it.

“The vision of our beach and our attitude to tourism are important for the image of our country, because they will bring guests back to holiday in Bulgaria. We want tourists to feel comfortable, safe and secure. Let them enjoy their vacation! At the same time, we want to make our personal contribution to protecting the environment. That is why we have significantly improved our services and invested in the appearance of the beach,” the owner of the beach, Adrian Dimitrov, told Bgtourism.bg. Umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach are 6 leva each.

Source bgtourism.bg

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