A few pros of holidays in September

Summer is unfortunately already coming to an end. At the end of August, the first signs of the approaching autumn have already begun – some trees are not so green anymore, temperatures are dropping and day length is also decreasing. In Bulgaria it has become a tradition to go to the seaside at the end of July and in August. And aren’t there advantages to having the sea in September? Actually there are, and here are some of them:

1. Less people


As already mentioned, the peak summer season is at the end of July and August. At the end of August, most people are already back in the cities and the sea has already passed. On the Black Sea coast most tourists are Russians or foreigners. If you go to the sea in September you will not encounter crowds of tourists. You won’t queue for even the smallest places and you will generally enjoy an amazing calmness that is not possible in the height of summer.

2. Cleaner water

Less people – cleaner water! The equation is simple. The more people there are on the beach and in the water, the more polluted it will be. At the end of August, the so-called “turning of the water” occurs, which is considered the first signal of the approaching end of summer. After this, the water is visibly cleaner, but unfortunately at a lower temperature. Still, the water is warm enough to dive and swim in comfort. In some parts of Bulgaria, the sea water remains at a suitable temperature until October.

3. Moderate temperatures

August and January are the months with the most extreme temperatures. In just over half a year, the weather in Bulgaria turns from bitter cold to unbearable heat. In some places the thermometer even shows over 40 degrees – temperatures more typical for Saudi Arabia. In September the average temperature is below 30 degrees and the heat will not torture you. Don’t worry though – you’ll get tanned!

4. Last but not least – prices

It’s no secret that the “marketing philosophy” of most of the service providers on the sea is  “get-rich-quick scheme”. In August, prices are highly inflated and it is difficult to find a quality restaurant or hotel where you will not be “skinned”. September is not in the high tourist season and most locals have drastically reduced prices. In some places you may even get a discount as you will be among the last tourists for the year.

As a final note, traffic to and from the sea is not that busy either. September is a great month for a seaside holiday, but many people underestimate its benefits.


Source: Travel Steps

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