You haven’t been to Bulgaria unless you’ve tried Bulgarian food

Spicing up your trip with new flavors is a must and Bulgaria is the country where it can get real messy, saucy, cheesy, steaming hot in a clay pot or simply delicious! Bulgaria is a country that will never leave you hungry for two reasons.  Firstly, there is the wealth of food for all tastes and secondly, Bulgarians are the kind of people that will always make sure your plate has been filled at least 3 times, and your belt loosened by at least 2 holes. Undoubtedly, you need to try Banitsa, Shopska salad, Liutenitsa, kebapche, tarator, bob, Kavarma. You will find these delicious meals in each restaurant in Balchik! Try for sure also the local fish.

Complex Veroni

Combines two restaurants – classic Italian pizzeria and Balkan barbecue. In the beautiful summer garden, you will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, stylish dance of colors and lighting, rich and uniquely prepared food. You can observe the skill of the chef while preparing your order on the grill. A wonderful live music with a large dance floor, where the orchestra and the folklore program will take care you have fun and accompany your dances. Free wi-fi connection, a POS terminal, an air-conditioning system and a large children’s playground.

Restaurant Korona 

After a delightful visit of the Botanical garden and the Palace you wouldn’t want to miss a relaxing dinner by the sea. This is the perfect place for it.
Small, cozy, and with the best view ever. The food is very good, and you have a variety of fish selection, which is exactly what you would want to serve by the sea.

El Simpatico

Excellent food and service, live music and dances, beautiful view into the harbour and a great value for money. Fresh fish and mussels, vegan dishes, variety of grill.

Panorama Kavaci

One of the first restaurants you start the Promenade in Balchik enjoying a nice view of the harbor. Offers a long list of fish dishes and traditional menu! Best grilled vegetables ever!

The mussel kingdom!

In the Northern part of Bulgaria, in one of the most clear regions of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the beautiful Kaliakra bay are located two restaurants – The Dalboka mussel farm and The Farm. Here are cultivated ecologically clean Black Sea mussels, famous for their gustatory qualities and healthy components.

Etno Restaurant “Salt & Pepper” Balchik

Lovely place with authentic folklore program, good cuisine and excellent service. By the sea! Not that cheap, but for sure worth every lev – and above all a taxi comes and takes you from home and gets you back – what better solution to taste the Bulgarian wines too!

Italian Restaurant TesOro

On your way along the bay lovely view and the best pizza in town!