The town of Balchik is a small town in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast, situated 31 km North of Varna and 35 km from the Varna Airport. It is a relatively large settlement along the Northern seaside and a harbour used for medium-sized passenger and commercial vessels. It combines the romance of its steep streets with the beauty of the sea. For a long time it has been known as the White Town for the mainly white colour of its lime rocks.
The exceptional view of the town Balchik from the sea impressed the great Ovid who exclaimed: “O White stone town, I salute thee for thy inimitable beauty!”. The Milesian colonists believed that the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, was born there out of the sea foam.
During the summer season, the city attracts people from all over the world with their calm, romantic coast, with their beautiful architecture and cultural and historical heritage. Its charm lies in the amazing atmosphere you can only catch here. The spirit of the seven ancient civilizations that inhabited these shores still seems to be breathing in the air, and the discrete aristocracy of the resort is perceived in every detail in the old city.

“The world has two directions – up and down.” At least, according to the inhabitants of Balchik, because their city is scattered on some steep hills and wherever you go, you must climb or descend. The “White town” is remarkable for its terraced location over the picturesque bay, with the sculptured by the wind and weather rocks that surround it all over.

Old houses and steep streets bring a lot of romance. Magic decoration of stone and sun, green and sea. There are about 20 hills in the area, some with their own names and adjoining legends. This amphitheatrical location provides each house and hotel with the most valuable view of the sea horizon. There is no more compelling feeling than this – to be above the sea, to see the sunrise and the sunset, to welcome the ships.

“Up” is where most of the local people live. Do not hurry to get into the car to get “Down”. Instead, go through the narrow, steep streets of the city – you will be surprised by the beautiful houses built at the beginning of the last century when Balchik was an aristocratic Romanian resort. The architecture combines various elements – Roman quads, combined with the traditional Bulgarian Renaissance styles. The influences of Ottoman architecture intertwine with European styles.

We have unknowingly reached “down” – this is the tourist part with the small, beautiful beaches – some rocky, other sandy, others on wooden platforms. The seaside promenade “Dambata” is the longest on our Black Sea coast. We leave at the yacht harbor, pass by the family hotels, the stalls and the restaurants hanging over the water. The seafront promenade continues to the Palace and then to Albena.