Welcome to a fresh perspective on seaside living! While beachfront apartments have their charm, there’s an unexplored beauty in gazing at the mountains or enjoying a distant beach view. In this post, we’ll delve into why renting an apartment with a mountain or far beach view can elevate your Black Sea experience.

Tranquility Beyond the Shoreline

Step away from the constant wave sounds. Opting for a mountain view or a far beach view provides an atmosphere of tranquility. Imagine sipping your morning coffee with the serene backdrop of mountains or enjoying the distant murmur of the sea without being overwhelmed.

Spectacular Sunsets and Sunrises

Trade direct beach access for breathtaking sky shows. The unobstructed view from a slight elevation allows for spectacular sunsets over the sea and mesmerizing sunrises over the mountains. Capture these moments from the comfort of your balcony, creating memories that extend beyond the daytime beach experience.

Escape the Beachfront Crowds

Discover a haven away from the bustling beachfront. Enjoy the peace of a mountain retreat while still being within easy reach of the beach. It's an opportunity to retreat to your own quiet sanctuary after a day of seaside adventures.

Panoramic Beauty

Expand your horizon beyond the waterline. A mountain view or a far beach view provides a wider panorama, allowing you to appreciate the full beauty of the landscape. It's an invitation to witness the merging of sea and sky, mountains and beaches, in one breathtaking vista.

Immerse in Nature

Embrace the charm of a more natural setting. Apartments with mountain views often offer proximity to nature trails and scenic walks. Experience the diverse flora and fauna that coexist with the Black Sea landscape.


As you plan your Black Sea getaway, consider the alternative beauty offered by mountain view living. It's an opportunity to step off the beaten path and discover the quiet, natural elegance that lies just beyond the waves. Ready to embrace this unique experience? Explore our selection of mountain and far beach view apartments at Vista, and elevate your Black Sea stay with a touch of tranquility and natural beauty.

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